Movie Making Team Building

Managers behind the camera

Can cinema be used as a training event for team building purposes? Even though at the first sight it may seem a recreational activity, in fact creating a video spot demands great organization skills, team work and time management. That’s why Movie Making Team Building can teach a lot to managers and employees.

Many hours of set? No, thanks!

Creative team building Movie Making can fit to different purposes of corporate training or entertainment. It can pass down strong messages with a serious style or, on the contrary, in a light, ironic and captivating way.

We don’t need many weeks of shooting to create a spot! Thanks to the advanced technologies we use, participants will do all the work and see their finished product at the end of the day. Actually, sometimes we had to adapt to conditions of very little time… and finish the activity in less than 2 hours! But we still had a lot of fun and the final product was of a really high quality.

In order to fit within the timeframe, the division of roles is essential, but so is collaboration and the ability to listen to each other.

In a short period of time and with few resources available, overly grandiose ideas will have to be abandoned or scaled down, and everyone’s contribution is important in this process.

Who needs a Movie Making Team Building?

If, by William Shakespeare, “all the world is a stage”, the company too is a stage upon which every day make their moves dozens of characters. This activity is first of all addressed to them, to individuals rather than to their roles and functions. It’s perfect for all those corporate realities that believe in the centrality of individual in the company and rend to a valorization of individual resources.

In Movie Making Team Building the teams will perform in the first person all the steps of the artistic process leading to the creation of a short film. They will write down the screenplay and the dialogues, choose location, music and special effects, recite and direct the actors. The result? It will be a short film or a spot dedicated to a new product or service of the company, to its history, to a theme of a convention or to any other topic.

movie making

Of great importance will be division of work, but also collaboration and mutual listening. In little time and with only a few instruments available, too majestic ideas will have to be abandoned or downsized, and in this creative process everybody’s contribution is important. Shyness must be immediately put aside: many of you will have to turn into actors and appear in the spot. Only a close-knit team, convinced of the value of its ideas and creative in making them real will be able to realize the best video and win the competition!

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