Building Leonardo da Vinci’s machines

Team Building Engineering

Team Building Catapul gives participants the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of the great Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Participants will have to draw up a plan with drawings and then build their machine, using materials such as wood, cardboard and ropes.

An exciting construction team building that requires great commitment and dedication, but promises surprising results. Build complex constructions such as ancient catapults and other machines designed by the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci!

What’s the goal? To create a perfectly functioning machine!

What’s the difficulty? Until the last moment the team does not know what materials it will have available!

What are the effects on the team? The team must learn not only how to design a complex object such as a catapult or a machine, but also and above all how to manage time and resources so as to achieve the best result within the given timeframe. In this activity, individual commitment and teamwork are necessarily combined.

What is the ecological aspect? Here too, as in our other Engineering and Construction activities, we are constantly mindful of the environmental impact: we always use recycled and reclaimed materials, and prefer natural materials such as wood, paper and cardboard.

Construction as a metaphor for the company

Leonardo’s Machinery Team Building, like Engineering Team Building, stems from the need to develop a fundamental skill in a business context: facing ever new problems and challenges!

The ability to develop a strategy against problems or unforeseen events can determine the success or failure of a company, and it is extremely important to have a well-trained team in this direction. Hence the basic idea behind this format: play, devise and implement an original project with limited time and materials. A difficult task that requires large doses of creativity, adaptability, teamwork and shared corporate values.

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