Carnival Masks Team Building

The season is Carnival is starting: in Viareggio it has been delayed a week for rain, so it will start next weekend at the same time than the one in Venice. Ambrosian Carnival in Milan is always a week later than in the rest of Italy… but it’s almost there and there’s no time to lose! Let’s get prepared in time to celebrate with our team of colleagues. Why not to do it with a creative teambuilding? In Carnival Masks Team Building we create our personalized masks… while boosting team spirit!



Design, cut, paint

Workshop di creazione di maschere di carnevaleOur materials? Colored paper, papier-mâché, fabric. Our instruments? The most simple, that even children can use: paint brushes, scissors and glue. The important is to use our fantasy and express our personality in order to create an absolutely original product.

Carnival masks we are going to create can be linked to one of our company themes or products, or simply to our passions and interests. But don’t forget that in a Team Building we never work alone. Just like in the office, we will create our masks in team! Let’s divide tasks and materials, define a project, discuss over details, choose a leader and plan the work. All of this in the given time and in competition with the rival teams. This game will let us imitate the routine of the company, without its stress.

Carnival Masks Team Building is also a great wake to do Creative Recycling, if we reuse recycled and/or recycled materials.


Corporate Carnival

Maschera di CarnevaleIt isn’t enough to create the masks: Corporate Carnival can be the occasion to celebrate, spend nice time together and do other Team Building activities. We are thinking of Lipdub Team Building, a music video where masks and other kinds of disguise will be really useful. Or of Dance Dance Dance, our music and dance show in which masquerading isn’t necessary, but we love to create fantastic scene costumes for the final exhibition.

And why not to think about visiting one of the most famous carnivals in the cities of Italy? Viareggio, Ivrea, Milan or Venice: a themed Urban Game will be the perfect occasion to live the city in its days of major luxury and fame!