Team Building Action Painting

Painting company’s values

One of the most difficult problems facing companies worldwide is the transmission of corporate values and principles to their employees. The issue may seem trivial, but it is not when it goes to the practical level.

Indeed, employees need to know their leader and his philosophy in order to follow him in his decisions, especially in the most difficult times. We wanted to devise our own solution to this problem with a format based on creativity and imagination.

And here is Team Building Action Painting, one of the most popular experiential training programs.


There are numerous advantages we find in this incentive and teambuilding activity. The format is fast and effective, with all materials (canvases and paints, etc.) provided by our group. In addition, there are no limits to the possible locations! In fact, we can hold the event at your location or at an outside location, as long as we have a spacious room available.

Team more motivated than before

With this format, we can easily acquaint employees with the company’s values and culture, promoting a number of key elements for your team’s activities. Creativity and imagination find maximum space, immediately accompanied by no less important and fundamental aspects

  • teamwork,
  • communication,
  • collaboration,
  • group motivation.

Remember that we can organise the format following different variations, such as decoupage, mosaic decoration or body painting, to give ample space to personal taste and mode of expression.

action painting 600x400
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A day of fun: a testimonial

We would like to describe to you a day spent with Education First, an international education leader specialising in study holidays and language courses abroad.

Divided into three small groups and equipped with paintbrushes and acrylic tempera, the participants had an extraordinary day. What impressed them most was the final result, which was totally unexpected. They all thought at first that they were totally incapable of any form of art… and in the end they found themselves authors of respectable paintings. The participants had a great time working as a team, while being exposed to constant brainstorming on company values and concepts. But most importantly, they found themselves discussing what to do and making decisions together.

It was interesting to observe (first and foremost for them) how difficult it was to agree on something that could be meaningful for everyone and that was, as any good corporate objective must be, SMART (acronym for Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Realistic and Timed). In other words, a goal that was representative of the group, with objects that had to somehow be congruent with each other, giving legibility to the triptych created.

The final work was a combined canvas reproducing the Italian flag and its colours green, white and red. The work was intended to be a representation of Italian culture with three of its typical products depicted on each of the three panels: wine on the green panel, coffee on the white one and the Vespa bike on the red one. In the end, the participants were so pleased with the result that they decided to display it in their Swiss headquarters in Lucerne.

We will be happy to give you emotions you will never forget!

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