Wine Games Team Building: Let’s play with wine!

Not just sampling and tasting: the most active of our wine teambuilding formats, Wine Games Team Building is a dynamic activity. In it we will discover a lot of things about wine through games, quizzes and highly competitive contests!



Are you ready to put to trial your senses of smell and taste, even without using your eyes?

Wine Games Team Building

The most dynamic between our wine team building formats, Wine Games is everything but the usual degustation! Of course, we will have wine, and tasting is an important part of the activity. But we won’t let you hear a boring lesson on production, origin, categories of wine… it’s all very interesting for wine enthusiasts, but our aim is to make curious even who doesn’t know anything. Or even who doesn’t drink wine at all! How can we succeed in it?..

It’s simple: with a lot of games and fun! The activities in the format Wine Games Team Building require quick thought… and quick run! The teams will race against one another to gain points and win the game. But it won’t be that easy: the contests are various and require different approaches! The only thing sure is that team work will be necessary. You’ll need to trust your coworker that will guide you when you’ll have to taste a drink… with your eyes blindfolded!


And in the end… let’s raise a toast!

The activity ends with a glass of wine and a toast. Having a good time together and drinking a glass of good Italian wine can help the members of a team getting in touch and becoming friends, things that can’t be but good for the team!