Sushi Making Team Building

Becoming masters of raw fish


With Team Building Sushi Making, our teams discover the flavours and curiosities of Japanese cuisine. The origins of sushi date back to the 4th century AD. Everyone considers sushi to be a typically Japanese dish, but few people know that before it arrived in Japan, sushi was already a very popular dish in China!

Why do most of us consider sushi to be a Japanese dish? What is the real meaning of the word ‘sushi’? How many years of training does it take to become a sushi master? Is it possible for a woman to become a sushi master? All these questions will be answered during our Team Building Sushi Making event.

A leap to the Orient to savour the flavours of the ancient Japanese culinary tradition: Sushi.

To prepare an excellent Sushi it is important to pay attention to every detail: making Sushi means perfection in preparation, attention to ingredients and meticulousness in the preparation of every detail. The result can be truly surprising.

Our Team Building Sushi Making is a culinary journey of discovery of South East Asian specialities. What’s more, this culinary format does more than just introduce you to the tradition and techniques of sushi making. It is also a valuable tool for creating and developing interpersonal relationships, enhancing creativity, motivating people, creating team spirit, and above all experiencing unforgettable moments of fun in the company of your colleagues.

Some details about Sushi Making

After a short warm-up dedicated to discovering the traditions and techniques of sushi preparation, the practical part of our format begins.

All Sushi Team Building participants are equipped with the necessary tools and exotic ingredients to begin their oriental adventure guided by our sushi master. A mixture of special colours and flavours, a pleasant atmosphere and lots of fun are the secret of our new Team Building format.

The benefits of Team Building Sushi Making?

Our trainers will guide the team throughout the evening in this experience where you will discover how sushi making can also be used to

  • Create relationships with unknown people
  • Manage time and work processes
  • Create moments of ‘healthy’ competition
  • Work on interculturality
  • Managing leadership
  • Drinking lots of sake!
Sushi Making Cooking Team Building

Not just rice and raw fish!

Not only will you learn the ancient art of sushi preparation with our experienced sushi chef and discover its origins, but also plenty of teamwork to improve communication and dynamics within the team.

All tastes will be catered for: you can prepare futomaki, uramaki, temaki, nigiri and sashimi. These are just some of the most popular and popular sushi dishes, which you will recognise immediately and learn how to prepare.

As a final result, we will all eat the prepared sushi together and learn more about the other members of the team!

Curious to try your hand at becoming a Sushi master?