Sushi Making Team Building

With Sushi Making Team Building participants will discover flavors and curiosities of the oriental cuisine. The origins of sushi come back to IV century BC. Everybody knows that now sushi is a typical Japanese dish, but the experts know that before arriving to Japan sushi was already very popular in China!

What is the meaning of the word “sushi”? How many years of preparation are necessary to become a master of sushi? Is it possible for a woman to become a master? We will find the answers to all these questions during our Sushi Team Building event!



Some details of Sushi Cooking

After a short warm-up dedicated to discovering traditions and techniques of sushi cooking, we can start with the practical part of our format.

All the participants of Sushi Team Building are equipped with exotic instruments and ingredients necessary to start their oriental adventure with the guide of our sushi master. A mixture of unique colors and flavors, a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of fun: these are the secrets of our Sushi Making team building format!


Advantages of Sushi Making Team Building?

Sushi Making Cooking Team BuildingOur trainers will guide the participants in this experience where they will discover how sushi making can be used to:


  • Create relationships with strangers
  • Manage time and work processes
  • Create moments of healthy competition
  • Work on interculturality
  • Manage leadership skills
  • Drink a lot of sake!


Final result

We will eat all together the sushi we just prepared and discover how many people we got to know in few hours!