Show Cooking Challenge Teambuilding

Experience authentic Italian cuisine!

In the Show Cooking Challenge Teambuilding, aspiring chefs, divided into teams according to the company objective, try their hand at various tests under the guidance of expert chefs. For example? Use a particular ingredient or devise a dish by combining ingredients selected by chance; copy a dish from an international chef; or creatively decorate a dish following a specific brief.

With us you can live a special and one-of-a-kind experience. In fact, by participating in our activity, you will be able to try your hand at preparing delicious dishes or decorate them with the company logo and motto. But the main objective of this cooking team building will always be to develop leadership skills, improve relational capabilities and understanding with your colleagues, and get to know the people in your team better.

Show Cooking Challenge – lo chef sei tu

This type of culinary team building allows participants to try their hand at international cuisine, including appetizers, first and second courses, fish, vegetables and even exquisite desserts. We can design the menu together taking into account the gastronomic preferences or allergies and intolerances of your team, but also and above all based on the objective to be achieved with the team building.

In the kitchen, just like in the company offices, a team of people works together to achieve an ambitious goal. That’s why the Show Cooking Challenge Teambuilding helps participating teams understand the profound importance of teamwork and effective leadership.

Show Cooking Challenge a big event

Based on the company goal, it is possible to design the activity in such a way as to favor the competition aspect, with a single final prize, or that of diversity, with various prizes (in creativity, speed, precision, etc.) for each team, or even put the emphasis on collaboration by finishing the activity all together and thus demonstrating that only by joining forces will it be possible to obtain the definitive victory and the final prize.

The show cooking challenge does not involve consuming what has been prepared. However, we can combine the event with a buffet with the ingredients used by the participants, or contaminate the format with a classic Dinner Team Cooking to taste, at the end, the dishes prepared during the tests.

So, what are you waiting for? Test your team with a Show Cooking Challenge Teambuilding!