Pizza Making Team Building

Pizza Making Team Building is a fun corporate team activity for Italians and strangers, who will discover an important part of Italian gastronomic culture. Participants, no matter from which part of globe they come from, will observe the preparation of true Neapolitan pizza. Then, after a short briefing, they will prepare it themselves under the guidance of our master pizzaiolo.

Pizza Making Cooking Team BuildingIn fact, pizza is one of the most well-known and beloved Italian dishes in the world. Originating of Naples, in Italy pizza is prepared in many ways and many different versions, but it always keeps that inimitable flavor that distinguishes it and makes it a honor of each Italian.

Preparation of dough (included the typical maneuvers of a Neapolitan pizzaiolo!), choosing of ingredients, attention for appearance of the plate: these are the elements of the challenge that the teams will face during a Pizza Making Team Building.


Pizza Making Team Building: knead, season, bake!

Pizza Cooking Team BuildingThis team building activity is done in two phases. In the first part the participants, divided in teams, observe a master pizzaiolo kneading the pizza dough and try to repeat his maneuvers. It’s a very fun moment, where even those who aren’t usually interested in cooking can try to become a pizzaiolo.

During the second phase, each group enters the kitchen to roll out and season their pizzas. The dough is rolled out by hands and then seasoned with the classical ingredients of a Pizza Margherita: mozzarella, tomato puree, basil. Finally, the bravest can try to bake themselves their pizzas in the wood oven!

Once the pizza is ready, we come to the tastiest part of the event: each participant can eat the pizza he has done with his own hands, and try those of his colleagues. At the table begins a nice conversation, while group dynamics become more peaceful and healthy.



Why is Pizza Making Team Building so popular?

First of all, because it’s a source of pure fun! The teams learn to prepare one of the most popular dishes not only in Italy, but all around the worlds. We won’t lack a little healthy competition, especially when it comes to roll out the pizza dough. Another “ingredient” of our pizza? Creativity, that you will express by choosing your own ingredients and the presentation of your plate!