Cake Design Team Building

Cake Decoration is a team activity!


Too many disagreements within your team? Sweeten the mood with a beautiful cake. Discover our Team Building Cake Design!

We have come up with an innovative format for you to try your hand at preparing and decorating cakes in the company of your colleagues for a day full of sweetness!

In this format, participants divided into groups will compete in cake decorating under the guidance of master pastry chefs. Teams will be equipped with the necessary tools and decorative materials and give free rein to their imagination!

Art at the table!

Cake decorating is the culinary art of decorating, mainly using sugar paste, cakes or small desserts in order to make them visually more beautiful. Alternatively, even the cakes themselves can be created and shaped in the image of what we want to represent.

In this case, we decided to use cake design for our team building events. Imagine sculpting and decorating a cake as an artistic and innovative metaphor for teamwork, success, or any other initiative supported by your company.

Teams warm up with several fun icebreakers to help them unleash their creativity before launching into a friendly competition to see who can design and make the most spectacular themed cake.

What materials will you have at your disposal?

Glazes, gels, food coloring, edible spray paints, candies of all kinds, gems, glitter and much more are provided to enrich this team building event. The amount of cake decorating materials will leave you speechless.

Team Building Cake Design: create your personalized cake!

The event can be inspired by the company logo, or by specific products or facts, you decide. By composing flavors, playing with shapes and colors, you and your team will create small “works of art” that can be admired afterwards… and then eaten in pleasant company.

Cake presentation, innovation and originality of the idea will be the elements taken into consideration to determine the winning team of this mouth-watering challenge!

Through this Team Building activity participants will develop their leadership skills, interpersonal skills, improve team spirit to build a winning understanding!

Team Building Cake Design can be an idea for:

Cake Design - fiocco

Cake decorating is an activity that combines creativity and flavor in a perfect mix for a group of colleagues, friends, or even perhaps for a bachelorette party. It’s the perfect event to unleash your imagination in a real bakery, with all the tools you need!

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