Treasure Hunt Team Building

A team adventure

In recent years, Team Building Treasure Hunt has experienced a new flowering thanks to the innovations introduced by Teamworking. In addition to our team building urban game cities, we have thought of taking participants to the most beautiful castles and islands in Italy and the world.

Our locations always have a story full of mystery, built ad hoc considering the legends and historical vicissitudes related to the spaces. For this, participants must solve the secrets attached and must succeed in completing a series of steps that will lead them to the final solution to… unravel the intricate story and reveal the final solution!

Our islands are unique locations to be discovered step by step, clue by clue. Only those who work together with the Team will succeed!

Team building: a treasure hunt between adventure and mystery

Visiting the islands with this team building activity means having an experience that has very little in common with the usual sightseeing tour. First and foremost, it means having an experience outside the city limits, outside the boundaries and outside the box. It means forgetting the usual references and going out to discover the beauty of the area in an adventurous and original way, accompanied by your own intuition and that of your companions.

Exploring the most interesting places, historical monuments and the most beautiful perspectives has never been so curious. Yes, because even if they seem like common tourist spots, the chance to participate in a treasure hunt will change your perspective. No guided tours and sightseeing tours, but rather in an interactive and exciting form.

Each team receives an ancient map and sets out in search of a series of enigmatic clues that reveal the path ahead. These clues have different aspects, sometimes they are difficult to reach, other times they are particularly complicated to interpret. There may also be mechanisms to disassemble or reassemble, physical challenges, constructions to be created to overcome obstacles–all to be done as a Team.

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The augmented reality team building

Just like the team building Dinner with Murder, the Treasure Hunt may feature actors in disguise. Our collaborators will impersonate the protagonists of the narrative: ghosts, witches, knights and princesses will populate the spaces of the location. Participants will thus face interaction challenges, trying to convince each character to reveal his or her most hidden secret. Not only will they have to be skilled strategists, but they will have to play smart and cunning.

In addition, our Team building Treasure Hunts can involve the use of the latest technology. We create introductory videos and customized soundtracks depending on the settings, and we can even take advantage of the effects of so-called augmented reality, that is, adding virtual elements to the reality surrounding the participants!

The secret is the location

Our proposals are based on a careful selection of the most interesting places in the Italian territory, but not only. Suggestions are very welcome. Each island is unique because the people who inhabit it are unique, with their own traditions and customs.

To this, we add mystery and intrigue to achieve a mix of history and unparalleled adventure. Explore the hidden ways, unearth the peculiarities of places the whole world envies us with outdoor activities inspired by sea and lake breezes.

Our corporate team building

A corporate team building that takes you back in time to savor old traditions and customs. An enchanted location surrounded by greenery that hides mysteries and secrets of yesteryear. An exciting treasure hunt with a medieval flavor.

Go exploring the Cinque Terre Park with your team in one of the most impressive corporate Treasure Hunts ever. Team up and collaborate to discover hidden clues in one of the most sought-after locations in the world.

Lago d’Orta

An ancient legend, a monastery full of secrets, a path winding among the chapels of Monte Sacro… The treasure hunt on Lake Orta allows you to discover the town of Orta San Giulio but also the island of San Giulio, searching for nothing less than the traces of a dragon!

Choosing a Treasure Hunt Team building experience on Comacina Island means taking a plunge into the past and immersing yourself in a small, ancient and meaningful reality, without giving up the proximity and splendor of Lake Como.

For those who want a Mediterranean-flavored adventure in the spectacular setting of the Cinque Terre Park. Landing in Palmaria and reconstructing the stages, the vicissitudes from the past that have left important traces on the present for a mysterious experience.

Participating in a Team Building on the largest lake island in Italy and southern and central Europe, where legends of Gods and Fairies combine the real and the surreal, is the experience your team has been waiting for!

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Similar to Treasure Hunt but at the same time different: Team Building Urban Game

Urban Game Team Building is a creative and exciting adventure that takes place in an art city, an interesting area to visit, or any location chosen by the client. Discovering a city, new or old, while collaborating with colleagues and friends by doing creative tasks is definitely one of the best ways to spend a day together.

Most of the time, in fact, although we have already visited a famous city, we have not been able to see everything and, likewise, we have certainly not discovered everything about it. Only by asking locals will you be able to learn about mysteries and curiosities out of the ordinary and, at the same time, train your communication skills and step out of your comfort zone.

Just like in a Treasure Hunt, each team will receive a map of the city and a set of creative tasks that they will have to accomplish along the way.

Caccia al Tesoro con iPad

These tasks will require extensive use of imagination! Participants will have to take advantage of the city’s monuments and the help of its inhabitants to solve riddles and perform tasks in the most creative way possible. For each task they will be given a score, which will be tallied at the end to choose the winning team!

One more new feature: the use of technology!

In addition, our team building City Game involves the use of the latest technology, particularly an iPad. This makes possible greater interaction between the various teams spread across the city, which can send each other messages, photographs, and jokes of various kinds. The iPad also allows us to take advantage of the effects of so-called augmented reality, that is, to add virtual elements to the reality around us.

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