Team Sailing

A regatta to test a team’s functioning? It’s not fantasy, it’s reality! Team Sailing is a team building activity that will give your team the opportunity to live an experience full of adrenaline, educational, at the same time competitive and cooperative.


Conquering the sea

Team Sailing activity can be done at the sea or at a lake, in a sailing boat. The boat is a new environment, out of the everyday routine, free of conditioning and engaging from both physical and psychological point of view. Therefore it lets us measure and shape team’s qualities without the everyday conditioning of the office. Participants must face challenges, show their best qualities in team working and problem solving. At the end of this adventure they will improve their communicational abilities, as leadership qualities will emerge.


Challenges to face

Barca a VelaAt the beginning of the activity, the team is divided in groups of 6 plus a skipper for each team. Every one of participants will have a precise role in the crew, to imitate the division of roles in the company. The environment will therefore be completely different from that of the office, but the manners of interaction will be similar.

The day at the sea will be more thrilling thanks to a series of challenges between crews: time trials to hoist the sails, to organize the spinnaker circuit and to save the members of the crew in case of shipwreck; chart work challenges; simulations of first aid…


Benefits of Team Sailing

The sailing boat activity stimulates to go beyond mental blocks and inhibitions that are frequently unconscious. We will practice such qualities as communication, team work, capacity of thinking and acting like a one and only organism to reach the common goal!