Team Sailing

Organizing a regatta to test the functioning of a team? It’s not a fantasy, it’s reality! Team Building Sailing will give your team the opportunity to have an adrenaline-filled, educational, yet competitive and cooperative experience.

Why choosing a Team Sailing?

The sailing regatta is a one-of-a-kind adventure! First of all, because the success of this format is only possible if all team members work in unison. Sailing is like driving a car – but as a team: there are those who hold the steering wheel, those who press the accelerator, those who shift gears, and so on. Everyone has their own role, and without everyone working together, the car will not go forward.

So the sailboat is a test to see how well a Team works together. The roles are quite flexible. It is always possible to help colleagues or switch roles. This allows you to put yourself in each other’s shoes and understand their point of view.

In this activity it is also important to be able to contextualize where you are in order to find the course to follow. All this surrounded by the sea or the lake, with its breeze and breathtaking landscapes.

In short, a unique opportunity to combine training with strong and unforgettable emotions!

Conquering the sea

Team Sailing is an activity that takes place at sea on a sailboat. In fact, the boat is a new environment, out of daily habit, free from conditioning and engaging both physically and psychologically.

It therefore allows the qualities of the team to be measured and trained without the daily constraints of the office. Participants face challenges different from those of the working world, manifesting their best qualities of communication and problem solving.

By the end of this adventure, interpersonal communication skills will improve and leadership skills will emerge.

Don’t be afraid of accidents: each participant will be provided with a life jacket!

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Challenges to face!

How will the activity unfold? From the beginning, the team will be divided into groups of 6 people, plus a skipper who will follow each group for the entire day. Each of the participants will be given a certain role within the crew, to mimic the division of roles within the work team. Thus, the environment will be completely different from the normal corporate environment, but the modes of interaction will be similar. This will allow participants to work on team functioning, problem solving and other business issues.

The day at sea will be made more exciting by various challenges among the crews: timed competitions to hoist sails, organize the spinnaker circuit, and rescue crew members in case of shipwreck; charting competitions; first aid simulation competitions…


The boat not only offers a wonderful out-of-the-ordinary experience but is also a stimulus to overcome mental barriers and personal inhibitions that are often unconscious. With this Team Building activity, communication, teamwork, and the ability of team members to think and act as one organism to achieve the set goal are key!

In short, a great opportunity not only to breathe some fresh breeze but also, and most importantly, to strengthen team spirit with an experience that, we guarantee, will remain unforgettable!

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