Team Building Survival

Survival trials


Team Building Survival represents an adventurous and intelligent way to see the team at work. The survival (or comfort) of the team will depend on how well individuals can work together.

We take team members to an unfamiliar and impassable place such as a park, forest or even snowy mountains to test them under stress and bring out Problem Solving and Crisis Management skills.

Trainers specializing in the discipline of Team Building Survival will provide participants with some wilderness survival basics. However, this will only happen after they observe how the team itself deals with solving problems and challenges thrown at them. Even in an action team building, in fact, our main focus is on team building.

How do team members react to external stimuli? And how do they communicate with each other in the moment of stress? Moreover, how and how quickly are they able to develop a strategy and tactics to solve the problems placed before them?

The development of the team

In a forest, where we lack all the reference points and resources we are used to drawing on, the skills of “improvisation” emerge. Each team member is forced to exploit his or her personal characteristics to help the group meet challenges.

There is little use in being an expert archer if one is unable to observe the terrain and also little use in being able to read a compass if one does not have a map.

The ability to reinvent and reuse resources intended for other purposes becomes crucial.

But so is the interaction between people: the potential of each team member must be fully exploited to create a compact and complete group capable of solving all kinds of problems.

The ability to improvise, the compactness of the team, the group dimension that prevails over that of the individual are variables easily observed in a context where certain emotions are particularly “stressed.” The Survival experience thus becomes an important learning moment for individuals and for the whole team.

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But what do we mean by the term “Survival”?

The term Survival refers to the ability to cope with unexpected situations with resources not prepared specifically for that situation. Therefore, it is an activity where you want to put the Team to solve a problem without the solutions designed specifically for it.


Nowadays we are used to always getting the solutions from an outside source, such as the colleague, the department manager and so on. And so the “muscle” we use to think and find solutions slowly atrophies. So this Team Building is designed to stimulate our ability and creativity to find solutions even in very difficult contexts. It is amazing how these situations can make us discover aspects of ourselves, or others, that we did not expect.

Solutions are always just around the corner, you just need a little ingenuity and responsiveness to find them: thus rediscovering how every object has an infinity of possibilities.

Our Team Building Survival is therefore a format that presents very varied activities. Above all, it allows you to understand how alone you can only go so far and how, on the other hand, with the Team there are no real limits.

What trials will the Team face in a Team Building Survival?

  • Learning how to use ropes and knots
  • Building a shelter
  • Lighting a fire
  • Building a “Tibetan bridge” to imitate crossing a river.

An unusual experience: Igloo Survival

Team Building Igloo proposes to experience an activity that has ancient origins and has been handed down from father to son. Imagine your colleagues grappling with building an igloo: what would they do? How would they perform? What results would they be able to achieve?

Team building in the snow with igloo construction is not only a unique activity, but it is an experience really worth sharing with your work team.

We at TeamWorking suggest that you try this activity with ancient origins, not only for fun, but also and above all to study the dynamics of cooperation: a suitable proposition for any type of company and any corporate role.

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