Team Building Orienteering

An exercise for body and mind

A format in which you have to find your way on foot to get somewhere as quickly as possible, using only a map and a compass.

Team Building Orienteering is a timed challenge for teams of participants of all kinds. It helps develop communication, collaboration and leadership. In fact, to pass the tests, the team will have to develop a common strategy and elect a leader to whom they will entrust leadership, but always act as one. Leaving weaker members behind is strictly forbidden. Only true cooperation will lead to victory!


Team Building Orienteering is derived from Orienteering Running, an individual sport that originated in Scandinavian countries. It is a time trial in a forested area in which competing teams, with the aid of a map of the area and possibly a compass, must reach the finish line in the shortest possible time by passing through a series of checkpoints, called lanterns, which must be reached in the specified order.

The difficulty of the Orienteering Race is to independently find the best path to follow.

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises both mind and body. Simply put, the goal is to move between control points marked on a particular map prepared especially for this activity. In competitive orienteering, the challenge is to complete the course in the shortest possible time, choosing one’s best route.

What’s the purpose of an Orienteering Team Building?

During the Orienteering activity, the group will have to refer to a somewhat “peculiar” map, where no addresses are written and no roads are shown. By interpreting the data, such as curves or the height of certain areas, the Team will have to understand a different language than usual and make decisions about which route to take.

The functionality of Orienteering is that it challenges so many group dynamics in a short period of time. It therefore turns out to be very formative because the different members will have to discuss each decision and take responsibility for it. In fact, if the wrong path is chosen the whole group will have to go back and retrace the route twice.

No fear! The road can always be found in the end.

What makes our Orienteering different are the additional challenges that participants will encounter at each lantern point, which will make the activity even more curious and encouraging.

The purpose associated with this activity is to find, through the use of some tools (maps and compasses) and the help of one’s companions, a series of points scattered throughout the territory.

This proposal is aimed at groups who want to experience a day in contact with nature and improve their group fellowship.

The orienteering run can vary in duration, ranging from a minimum of a couple of hours to a day.

But orienteering also offers some important points of reflection. Indeed, team members will be outside their comfort zone. They will then have to know how to make decisions and find the right references in an environment unfamiliar to most. Behaviors regarding technical leadership versus charismatic leadership can be observed here and observe how in some cases decisions are made and what the underlying assumptions are. Orienteering is a tool that brings the team into a natural and enjoyable setting where they can experience relationships, decision-making, and reference-finding skills in rapidly changing contexts.

Outdoor Team Building Orienteering

Equipment provided for Orienteering:

Compass, name tag, rules of the game and a simplified map of the place. These will be the only means we can use to orient yourselves among the stages. For the conduct of the Orienteering day, it is not necessary to get special equipment, just hiking shoes and a k-way to protect yourselves in case of rain dampness.

The whole event is created and conceived by the TeamWorking staff to allow the incentive trip to have all those qualitative elements necessary for the development of fundamental components, the creation and consolidation of individual and group skills.


Each group must find specific points that can be traced on the map. Once the first point is found, the team will proceed as fast as they can to the next objective. Teams will have to solve puzzles at each check point in order to continue to the next point. Each area of the playground will be “manned” by one of our leaders in order to ensure the safety and success of the activities.

At the end of the activity there will be an award ceremony for the winning team.

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