Frisbee Team Building: the game of the “flying pan”

Frisbee Team Building format comes from a sport currently in a strong expansion all over the world: Frisbee. Each one of us has certainly seen a frisbee, and maybe someone has also thrown it, but surely very few know that the plastic disk can be used to organize a game very similar to Rugby. This “novelty” makes Frisbee an ideal incentive activity, since to fun it is added the possibility to put you to the test in a whole new discipline never practiced before.


Take the pan, let’s play!

The word “Frisbee” was born in the second half of the nineteenth century, when a pastry shop of the Connecticut, the “Frisbee Pie Co”, became the pies supplier for the school canteens in Nord America. The name of these sweets began to spread very fast among the students in New England. They used to throw the Frisbee’s round pans to each other as pass time between one lesson and the other. Starting from this primitive prototype, two War World II veterans, Fred Morrison and Warren Franscioni, developed a plastic “flying disk” capable to guarantee the maximum elevation and an easy grip. The secret of the disk: the raised edges. In fact, the rotation set during the thrust forces the air below towards the edges, which, being raised, favor the creation of an air cushion supporting the entire structure.

In the fifties the new game became so popular that a well known American toy manufacturer, Wham-o, decided to use the name of the famous pies as brand for a new product. The choice proved right, since in no time the flying disk became a national sport with three fundamental disciplines: the golf disk, the Frisbee freestyle and the ultimate Frisbee, this latter invented by the American students in the college campus. The referee’s absence is the peculiar characteristic of the new sport, which must always be played with spirit of the game and fair play.


The referee is not here! Let’s be good players

As in Rugby, a point is scored when a player successfully passes the disk to a teammate in the end zone of the opposing team. The rules are simple: 1) the player does not move when possessing the disk, 2) if the disk is intercepted or dropped its possession passes to the opposing team (the so called “turnover”), 3) the player cannot hold the disk for more than 10 seconds and 4) physical contacts are not possible. The peculiarity of the game is the already mentioned absence of the referee: any infraction is called by the players themselves, which must maintain responsibility and correctness throughout the match. This means it is absolutely necessary to comply with the rules and maintain a high level of sportsmanship, and therefore:

  • never rip the disk out of the adversary’s hands or incorrectly prevent him from throwing it
  • maintain a minimum distance equal to the diameter of the disk itself
  • never prevent the disk’s movement or its throw
  • never man-mark the attacker with more than one defender

This “vote” to the observance of the rules is called the “Spirit of the Game”.


Where do we want to play? In the field or in the gym?

Frisbee Team Building presents a series of advantages that make it extremely effective as training activity, with a very interesting and challenging program. The first part is dedicated to the theoretical and introductive presentation, with the various throw types, the grips and the possible movements to take while handling the disk. Follows the practical part, with exercises in defense and attack, and the tactical one, with all the strategies characterizing the game. The program finishes with the final match, where all the techniques previously studied are applied.

The format has no limit in the number of participants, that can be divided in teams challenging each other in a tournament. The game is played outdoor, on a 110×37 m grass field and 7 players for team or on a 40×25 m sand field with 5 players for squad. There is also the indoor version, on basketball field with synthetic surface.


All for one, one for all!

Frisbee is a team game heavily based on the companions’ understanding, where the group strategies are to be followed in detail and the individual actions are not possible. The “Spirit of the Game” allows the participants to experience a strong sense of role, a strong personal ethics and a profound respect for teammates and opponents. These elements can then be practiced, reinvigorated and reinforced, in the daily reality of the work environment. Moreover, since there are no fouls and physical contacts, the format allows the formation of “mixed teams” of men and women and it is accessible to all.


Fun guaranteed!

If you company is going through a critical phase in which the bond among the employees has loosened and an intervention on the spirit of group appears necessary, this is the format for you! What are you waiting for? Contact us and we’ll help you to reorganize your team, to return to win and have fun!